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Mapping The


Now that we've gathered our research, it is time to map out the journey.

Journey mapping is Atmosphere's unique way of building your event strategy. It allows us to visually guide you through the process, interactions, successes, and results. It keeps all stakeholders on course, providing them with a timeline for recording and analyzing information.

The journey map is a high level visual plan that includes all relevant touch points, such as related future events, meetings, training, and follow up communication tools. It details when and how to measure the results, ensuring consistent and relevant messaging during your journey.

Atmosphere’s multidisciplinary team will develop a customized communications strategy that fosters an emotional connection with your audience, strengthens your brand, and delivers an impactful message -- all within the parameters of your budget.

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Step 1: Explore

Step 2: Mapping
The Journey

Step 3: The Launch

Step 4: Light
Speed Ahead

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