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In 2006 a study was conducted by MPI (Meeting Professionals International), it was found that Canadian companies spend $32.2 billion a year on meetings and events. If your company's expenses factor in to that amount, after the room rental, keynote speaker and lavish catering, what are you left with besides the tote bag?

That's an important question for Atmosphere, because we know that your meetings and events are critical to your success. Atmosphere steers your objectives into impactful events and strategic follow-throughs. We maximize the potential of your meeting and ensure that your event's goals are projected way beyond event day.

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Atmosphere adds value. Our award-winning team collaborates with a broad range of clients across industries and sectors. We bring years of experience to the table to produce meetings, conferences, training programs, team building experiences, galas, fundraising events, and more. We are creative and daring. Are you?

Atmosphere gets everything right. We work closely with our partners to design customized events on a case by case basis. An Atmosphere event is perfectly aligned with your organization's vision and key messages. No two events are alike, because no two aspirations are alike.

Atmosphere goes further. Atmosphere builds in tools, strategies and multi-purpose programs to track and extend your event's results, ensuring that the impact is felt long after the last person has left the room. An event is a beautiful thing - why waste it?

Atmosphere gives back. We work with a range of community organizations, bringing our skills, expertise and connections to help those less fortunate than ourselves.
An event is the first step of your journey, but Atmosphere would like to remind you that your next step is the one that will take you light speeds ahead.

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