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Giving Back / Corporate Social Responsibility
Atmosphere supports the following charitable organizations:

Combined Jewish Appeal

Dans La Rue

Defi Canderel

Donald Berman Maimonides Geriatric

Farha Foundation

At Atmosphere Event Communications, giving back is an essential part of our business. We practice corporate social responsibility at the highest level and show our clients how they can incorporate this best practice into their events to maximize their impact.

Your decision to include a social responsibility feature into your event not only makes a social impact - it has a profound effect on your corporate culture. Stronger employee engagement, tighter bonds with communities, and greater brand appeal are a few reasons why a little giving goes a long way.

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Have you ever considered using your corporate event to deliver a charitable impact on your community? Is giving back part of your corporate culture? Are you a fundraising committee that is searching for support and visibility for your cause?

Atmosphere can show you how your organization can impact your community by using an event as the catalyst. We create engaging ways to raise funds and bring awareness to organizations every day.

These clients have partnered with Atmosphere to make a difference:

Tommy Hilfiger
Maimonides Battle of the Bands

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